HERA: The Housing Organization that Makes a Difference

The Housing Education and Research Association (HERA) has a long and rich history. Housing professionals started holding conferences in 1946, then formed the Association of Housing Educators in 1965, which became HERA in 2002. The first President of the organization in 1965 was Tessi Agan who authored one of the first housing textbooks – The house: A text for a college course on the house – in 1939. Since then there have been many great leaders and members in  the organization.

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Over the years HERA members have contributed greatly to housing research and theory. Some of which has been published in the HERA journal Housing and Society, which was first published in 1974 under the name Housing Educators Journal. In 1978 the name was changed to Housing and Society.



In 2005, HERA members worked together to create a college textbook –An Introduction to Housing. A new edition is scheduled to come out in 2018.

HERA is a great professional organization to join. There is information, opportunities, and awards for researchers, educators, and extension/outreach professionals.  Come to the conference October 8-11 in Lowell, MA. Early registration is open until September 8th.

Check back to learn more about HERA.

See you in Lowell!

Reference: Wysocki, J.L. (2007). Housing Education and Research Association: Our 40th anniversary. Housing and Society, 34(1), pp 5-10.


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